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Learn more about American Transmission Company’s (ATC) proposed 125-mile-long transmission line.  The line would start north of Dubuque county, cross the beautiful Driftless region, and end in Middleton. ATC calls this proposed line the Cardinal Hickory Creek (CHC) line.    It would impact state parks, recreation areas, and tower over the historic Military Ridge State Trail.  ATC will need approval from Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission to construct these lines.  This line is not needed. Energy use is Wisconsin is flat or declining.  We are using more energy efficient appliances and switching to renewables. ATC, owned by five Wisconsin utility companies, is guaranteed a 10.2% return on this project (>$50 million). They have an incentive to build unnecessary transmission lines.  Imagine putting up telephone poles when everyone is transitioning to cell phones.

Learn more at: DriftlessDefenders.com and WDPC2020.com

Read the latest Isthmus article entitled “The Grid to NoWhere” by Michael Lenehan. https://isthmus.com/news/cover-story/argument-against-building-giant-transmission-lines/

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